Do you snore? It may be sleep apnea

The sleep apnea syndrome affects nearly 5% of the population and is also associated with a major risk when certain diseases appear.

Some people say that we all snore while we sleep, especially men, and that this is not reason enough to go to a doctor or give it too much importance.

women-1905855_1920I started snoring a few years ago. It started with a cute little snore that could barely be heard and it grew louder and louder with time until everyone in the household started to complain.

People who suffer from it do not notice it. They do not perceive their intense snoring or the abrupt interruption of their breathing.

The main effect of sleep apnea is more than obvious, the person experiences great daytime fatigue, as well as drowsiness. When this condition is more serious, the patient sometimes feels completely unable to perform many tasks, its exhaustion being extreme and disabling. It also puts you at risk for a heart attack.

I now use a night-time respirator, such as a CPAP machine, that expels air under pressure and connects to a tube with a face mask.The machine is silent so it doesn’t bother anyone. I got a pole to hold the tube upwards which permits me to move in my sleep without losing the mask.


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