What gift will you give yourself

We all need to practice self love and care but it seems during the holiday season. If you have a chronic illness, it’s doubly important. What gift will you give yourself.

christmas-2939314_1920We sometimes forget that as we try to do way too much for everyone else and end up crashing or having flare up. I have always been the holiday spirit maker in my family. I used to enjoy it very much. I realized this year while making the tree, that I can’t be the only one anymore. What used to take me an hour to do, took all day and a lot of pain medication to accomplish.

I’ve always put the needs of everyone before mine, but in order to keep participating in the festivities, I need to also practice self love and care. This year I am going to give a gift to myself, one that doesn’t cost any money. I am totally cutting the toxic people out of my life and I will not feel guilty about it at all. As for the toxic people I can’t cut off, I won’t let them get to me.

What gift will you be giving yourself this year?


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  1. I’ve cut out the toxic long ago, but I am now cutting out the people in my life I feel I have to chase for friendship. It should be both ways, not mostly one way. They need to make the time for themselves and to make time for friendship, if they want to keep it. I have a nice circle of friends. It may be very small, but it’s the quality that counts and we are there for each other.

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