She didn’t provoke you

Countless women are still victims of violence, sexual abuse and harassment. Every 6 days, a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner and for Indigenous women, women of colour, trans women, low-income women, disabled women, and non-binary people, that violence is even more common.

If you are in a violent relationship, please know that you don’t provoke someone into hitting you. You don’t provoke them into calling you a bitch, a dog or any other denigrating names.

Spouses who hit make a choice to do those things, and their choice reflects their attitudes and humanity.These type of scum bags, bait you, provoke you, gas lights you to evoke an emotion out of you, or even a reaction as well. Regardless of what she/he said or did, the violence was going to happen. Many believe they have a right and that this behaviour is normal.

Domestic violence is characterized by repetitive physical or psychological acts aimed at controlling the other person.

Battered spouses feels stuck, helpless and is at their wits end.

All individuals who participate in that minimizing domestic violence behaviour are complicit in the violence. They are all responsible for making it acceptable in the minds of other violent spouses.

This kind of violence is happening in houses all over the world. It’s happening on your street. The time has come to act. You can end violence against women.


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