Gender identity and sexual orientation

Is it right to introduce gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom? Are these concepts too complex for children, or is teaching them a helpful way to promote greater acceptance and tolerance?

Education - Parenting - SchoolsChildren have a better capacity to understand and accept than we give them credit for.

In the first grade, my child’s teacher stood in front of the class and told her students that girls and boys weren’t aloud to kiss or hug at school, that they were too young to be in couples. My daughter raised her hand and said that if about boys and boys or girls and girls because sometime love has nothing to do with gender. I received a phone call from that teacher that evening to inform me of my daughter’s inappropriate behaviour. The teacher was shocked when I said that my daughter had asked a valid question. The teacher tried to explain that some parents may not like to hear questions arising from my daughter’s question. I told her to send them to me, I would gladly explain how the world works, about gender identity and sexual orientation.

The issue isn’t kids and their ability to comprehend, it’s adults and their hangups and prejudice.


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