The public eye and the media

I am more than tired of seeing public figures and men in general get away with rape. I am more than tired of seeing rape victims get stuck with more consequences than their abusers.

What is #apathy - TopicsWithPassion.blogEvery victim who testifies is described as dirty in the public eye, they are denigrated, judged and devalued. Every little trial she has gone through is put forward to discredit her words. Every detail of her existence is unveiled to make her guilty of everything.

To be entitled to the strict minimum of consideration and respect, the victim must not be affected by a mental health disorder, must not have a history in psychiatry, must not have consumed alcohol and or drugs ever, she must wear clothes that doesn’t reveal skin, and must be a virgin.

If a victim dared going out late at night, or went to bars, she is responsible for her own attack. If she was so terrified that she froze, that she did not fight ferociously,then she is responsible for her own attack. If she was promiscuous or a sex worker, she is responsible for her own attack. If she knew the abuser personally, she should have known better. The public eye and media’s complicity is disgraceful.

When will people understand that there are no good and bad victims. That no one deserves to be raped. That is never acceptable. We must support and respect all the people who speak about their experiences and who denounce.

All aggressors must stop being protected by this patriarchal society. There is no excuse for protecting scum bags criminals.



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