Getting a cold when you have a chronic illness

I have a cold. It’s winter. It’s the season. Normal, right?

I also have multiple auto-immune illnesses. This means that I’m more at risk when it comes to getting sick. People who have chronic illnesses are more likely to experience complications such as pneumonia and even to be hospitalized.

Cold - Flu - Chronic IllnessI have a cold. Like all colds it’s affecting my nose, my throat and my lungs. I also have asthma, which complicates things when it comes to illnesses that affects my breathing. For anyone suffering from asthma, if you do catch a cold, asthma means your symptoms may be more severe. This is because you already have swollen and sensitive airways.

I have a cold so my nose and sinuses are blocked. This means that I can’t use my CPAC machine which helps me sleep. Sleep Apnea gives me migraines.When I take migraine medication, I need to sleep. I can’t sleep because I can’t use my CPAC. Do you see the the vicious circle here.

I have a cold. This triggers a flare up in my Fibromyalgia symptoms. My aches and pains are much worst than usual.

My goal is not to complain, but to show that getting a cold when you have one or multiple chronic illness is never just having a cold.


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