The effect of chronic illness on your look

I was looking through family picture with my daughter yesterday. She commented how my face, my eyes, my overall look has changed since I started having issues with my health. She reassured me I still look good, just different. She is right. I am not the same person I was a few years ago.

The shape of my face has changed. It’s not only rounder because I’ve gained weight. My jaw has changed due to pain and articulation issues.

The shape of my eyes have also changed. My eyes are more sunken and I often have inflammation which makes them look even smaller than usual. Since I’m M├ętis, I have small almond-shaped eyes to start with.

Because of medication, constant exhaustion, and other factors, our skin and hair can take a beating. My hair falls a lot quicker than it grows too.

I’ve read a lot of article about mourning the person you used to be because of all the things you can’t do anymore, but it’s also mourning the person you used to see in the mirror, because that person is gone.


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