Capitalism Rules

We live in a developed country where capitalism rules. We feel free, but is it really freedom if you cannot question or criticize the company you work for the same way you can when it comes to politics?

“We think we have an open society because we can criticize our government, but the company we work for has far more impact on our lives, and if you criticize them publicly they will fire you. The private sphere is still run like a dictatorship, by thousands of petty tyrants.” – @existentialcoms

Private companies are more protected than the government.

Why is it that most workplace have a rule that states you cannot speak about your salary to coworkers? The idea is that sharing salary information can create tension between colleagues and resentment towards management. If the salaries are clear and fair, there is no reason for jealousy. The reason why it often creates tension is because the information is incomplete. Someone may have more salary than you, but they have less vacation days. Secrets gives place to assumption and most people will assume the worst.


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