How do you know he’s the one?

Despite easier access to potential partners, more people claim to have trouble finding romance today. I have more single friends than I have who are in serious relationships.

Since we are in the holidays, it’s almost impossible to escape the desire to find true love due to all the romantic holidays movies flooding our televisions.

Now that I have found my true love, many of my friends ask how I knew he was the one. Here is what I say:

  • The man to marry is the one who will stand next to you, not in front of you. Many of us have been in relationships when your partner wants you to turn down an opportunity because it won’t make them look good. I had a boyfriend who wanted me to turn down my university acceptance because I would be more educated then him and that wouldn’t reflect good on him. Anyone who would hold you back isn’t your true love.
  • He will do nice things for you without expecting anything in return. Anyone who keeps a score sheet isn’t truly in love with you. It’s a business relationship, not love. If you ever get sick, disabled or loose your job, anything that demands leaning on your partner, they will be gone. A ex-boyfriend once presented me with an invoice expecting me to reimburse him for a $0.25 I borrowed to make a phone call and for the flowers he gave me on my birthday.
  • No problem is too big for you to solve together. I must say that hardship of any kind is often a relationship breaker. If difficult times makes you closer, than that’s the perfect sign you are meant to be.

It also important to look at ourselves. Sometimes people who have every reason to be happy in a relationship just can’t help ruining it by refusing to commit.


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