On this day, January 3rd

On this day in 1977 Apple Computer Inc was incorporated.

I used to be a die hard Apple customer, that is until Jobs died and they changed their business model to a sales above customer service.

What had originally brought me to Apple was the quality of their product and the excellent customer service. As a computer technician, the last thing I wanted when I got home is have to fix my own computer issues. With Apple, I must say that technical issues were rare and far in between. When issues did arise, I knew I could get excellent technical support. That’s no longer the case. If you have an issue with a product that’s older than the newest product, they will pressure you into purchasing a new laptop, phone, ipad, etc., instead of fixing the one that you already have. That’s really disapointing.



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  1. That’s a shame the customer service has changed. I’m an Apple user, but thankfully, I have not been in a position to need a product repairing. New products I once owned, after so many years I had sold them on. Another I bought second-hand and got a good few years out of it I sold on when reducing technology equipment I had. The only product I have now, which is also second-hand I love and sticking with. I may take it to a reputable place to be fixed, that my friend knows of, if I feel it’s worth doing. But either way, I be happy with what I get out of it for my needs. More likely continue buying second-hand too, or buy a Chrome laptop. But I would never go back to Windows.

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      1. Yes, I hear Apple is much less trouble. I went with Apple after being sick of spending less time on my Windows 10 computer, because it spent more time doing updates. I was no way leaving the computer on all night to do that. I like equipment off when not in use.

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