How Chronic Illnesses affects weight

Let’s face it, few people are really happy with their weight, but having all these medications just to be able to survive your chronic illnesses takes a toll on weight.

People with fibromyalgia gain weight, due to lack of sleep there is a reduction in metabolism, being a central nervous system problem the body does not metabolize properly and there may be storage of fat. This accompanied by exhaustion that makes it very difficult to practice a sport that allows you to burn the calories needed to maintain weight.

I have gone through all of my closets and drawers and took out every article of clothing that I kept promising myself I’ll squeeze back into someday and I donated them to charity.

Stay in your pyjamasOne thing that has become clear to me is that it’s much harder to feel good and look good, not because of my new size, but because the choice of clothing is less varied and more expensive. It’s hard to feel great when shopping for clothes when they are very few options are made available to us. Not only that, but many stores use fabrics that are inferior to regular sized garments and aren’t flattering.

I know of one store that make beautiful clothing that makes me feel beautiful and comfortable. The problem is I can’t afford their prices. I have one top and one pair of jeans from that store. Not enough to cover the entire week.

This is why we shouldn’t put other people down based on the clothes that they wear or the bodies that they have. When my friends or family put other people down based on the clothes that they wear or the bodies that they have, I speak up.

One thing that does help me accept my body is that I avoid stepping on a scale (except at the hospital where they keep checking up on my weight). The numbers tell me nothing about my health or my happiness.


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