Vulnerable migrants and refugees have become an easy target

In Canada, vulnerable migrants and refugees have become an easy target. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees a few months after taking office. In office in November 2015, the Liberals fulfilled this key promise at the end of February 2016.

If our country export armaments which causes human beings to run for their lives and seek a safer country, than we are in a very bad place to be complaining about them coming to our door.

Vulnerable migrants and refugees have become an easy target. Discrimination, difficulty finding jobs, racism: not everything is rosy for Syrian refugees arriving in Canada.

History of dreadlocksSome women have stopped wearing the hijab because it was the subject of racist comments such as “Go back from where you come from”. This kind of racism isn’t new. I myself, have heard those words. In my case the racist idiot got a history lesson, since I’m first nation. Unfortunately, we are at a time in our nation’s history in which we need to be reminded that this behavior is never to be tolerated.

It’s truly sad to hear that so many Canadians fear diversity. It’s just horrible the way some people no longer have any restraint when it comes to showing their contempt for people of colour. Racism is the most despicable thing that exists on this earth.

It is incredibly heartbreaking and blatantly wrong that we are faced with these harsh realities time and time again.

“To my fellow white people: It takes some fucking nerve to stand on this continent and complain about immigrants.” – Ben Grimes @softreeds

I’m all for diversity. Immigrants are a positive welcomed addition to our country. Most are hard working, generating jobs and commerce, and enriching our culture.

For example, 3 years ago, at the age of 18, Shoushi  fled her native Syrian because of civil war and came to Canada as a refugee. Today, at the age of 21, this aerospace engineering student is designing new airplane parts, working two jobs, completing her studies in aerospace engineering and learning her fourth language.

Obviously, fear wins over actually getting to know people of other cultures to find out that they want the same things…a decent job so they can care for their families, good education opportunities for their kids, and a safe home. We have more in common than not.

BreatheWe can all do something to help by addressing racism in our own family. This holiday, someone said an old expression that was racist. I immediately piped up. My mother said that it was a comment from a “real” Quebecois. Right away, I asked her what she meant. Did she really just say that Quebecois are racist and that it was something to be proud of? She defended her comment by saying that other races also have their racist saying. I argued that just because others are acting badly, doesn’t mean that we have to. She then said that these saying were old as time. I argued that it was the 21st century and we can do better. We can fix what used to be “normal” and build a better more inclusive world. Don’t be afraid to stand up to racism even when it comes out the mouth of our loved ones.

“Sometimes we only see how people are different from us. But if you look hard enough, you can see how much were all alike.” – Jasmine, Aladdin

Let 2019 be a year of resilience and love, working toward a more inclusive Canada. Together we can overcome ignorance, fear, and hatred. Let’s stand with the country’s refugees.


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