The 5 Rules of life I live by

The 5 Rules of life I live by:

    1. If you dream about peeing, get up and go to the bathroom. Do not mess with prophetic dreams. I had one of those dreams recently and woke up faster than I ever did. It made me remember Passe-Partout when Canelle would have accidents at night and she started to dream about a plastic bag full of water to let her know it’s time to get up.
    2. If someone gives up their seat on public transport because they assume you are pregnant, don’t get offended, take the seat and get comfortable. This has happened to me and I won’t let the opportunity to sit down slip through my fingers. If they realize their mistake, then too bad. I think losing your seat for calling me pregnant is the least that can happen.
    3. Don’t wait until you are on your deathbed to tell people how you feel. The only thing you should wait until that moment to say is: “My treasure is hidden…” and never finish the sentence. I’m so doing this. That and hiring someone to dress has death to stand in the cemetery when they put me in the earth.
    4. Ensure your safety and visibility by crossing only at intersections or crosswalks. I almost hit a girl once because she crossed in the middle of the street at night time dressed completely in black. The worst part is that she found it funny.
    5. It doesn’t matter what you eat, how much exercise you do, we all die anyway. So if you are craving for that piece of cake, have it. The cake is not a lie.

What rules do you live by?


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