Why is Sir John A. Macdonald still an official commemorative day in Canada?

January 11th is Sir Jonh A. Macdonald Day in Canada. I’m wondering why is Sir John A.  Macdonald still an official commemorative day in Canada? He was removed on our $5 bills after all.

Yes, he was the 1st prime minister of Canada. It was an important moment in our country’s history and yes, we should teach children about him and what happened during that period. What I dislike is the planning of activities to celebrate this man. We should be learning about him, but celebrating a man who created a policy to starve first nation people to death.

The statue of Sir John A. Macdonald has been vandalized several times since November 2017 amid calls for the statue to come down as part of a fight against racism and colonialism.

I’m not saying we should erase the 1st prime minister of Canada from history. On the contrary, a Nation must realize its failures and bare witness to the truth or history will and has repeated itself. What I’m saying is that we should show him for the man he really was and not celebrate him as a hero.


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