Where are the icebreakers?

Last January, after an ice storm, Mayor Valérie Plante announced the acquisition of these rotary icebreakers worth nearly $ 20,000 each. She explained that because of climate change, we will be increasingly confronted with this phenomenon. We must adapt our armada. I fully agree with this decision, but why haven’t we seen them at work yet?

The heavy rain followed by the freezing cold seemed a great opportunity to get out the new artillery. That was not the case. Citizen have been going to their local stores and buying salt to take care of the sidewalk, because the city isn’t doing it.

First instinct may be to think that our tax money went to purchase something that is going to stay permanently in the garage. The explanation given by the city is that the ice isn’t thick enough yet. If they use the icebreakers, it will destroy the sidewalks.

Acknowledging last year’s icebreaking failures, the Plante administration promised in the fall that frozen sidewalks were a thing of the past. Maybe instead of promissing the moon, they should have explained how the icebreakers work. Yes, it’s an improvement, no it doesn’t mean that people won’t be slipping on icy sidewalks anymore.


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