I Feel Pretty – Movie Review and Reflections

Now that the movie “I Feel Pretty” starting Amy Schumer is on Netflix, I decided to watch it and judge it on my own without the influence of popular critics.

Important Notice!

If you hit your head enough to change your character and vision, please seek out medical attention. Do not simply brush it off.

Like the warnings on superman pajamas letting people know that wearing clothing with the superhero logo doesn’t mean you can fly, I felt like this warning needed to be said.

The writing

I always start my review with the writing. If your house doesn’t have a good foundation, it really doesn’t matter how much money you put in the house, it’s all doing to collapse.

The premise and story line is very simple and predictable. It’s not a movie you go see for it’s surprise plot twists. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be a light enjoyable movie to watch.

In addition, the “They won’t recognize me” thing is pretty annoying. Why does no one tell her she looks exactly the same as before? Like many movie you need to leave your brain at the door in order to enjoy the show.

Unfortunately, you can have the most talented cast ever, if the script isn’t up to par, there is nothing your actors can do to save the movie.

The moral lesson

Like most fairy-tale stories this type of movie always has a moral lesson for the audience. This movie doesn’t disappoint. It passes the moral lesson that physical beauty isn’t everything. In a relationship, you want someone who is the “complete package”.

“I know that I’m beautiful and I don’t need a room full of drunk guys to tell me that.” – I feel Pretty

The only thing that truly changes is her attitude.  Renee’s dresses in clothing that puts her body in value instead of hiding it. She newfound confidence allows her to live her best life. Confidence makes you alluring.

The movie also addresses toxic masculinity and view. It puts value in a man that has emotions and who is more well rounded.

Connecting to the main character

I was disappointed when her self-confidence turned into the very thing she disliked at the beginning of the movie. Renee starts discriminating against people she judges as not pretty enough. She starts thinking that she is better than her friends and embarrassing them in public. She becomes someone you wouldn’t want to be. It’s really difficult to connect with a character that you dislike.

She eventually hits her head again and reverts to the “old” her who lack self-esteem and thought she was embarrassingly ugly. Her character turns from a positive to a negative outlook and she becomes whinny and confrontational. This can come across as a little insulting. Most of us who would identify with her don’t act like that. We are more like her friends. The way you see yourself shouldn’t influence your character.

There is the obligatory moment when she looses everything, job, friends, boyfriend. The job and the boyfriend she only lost because she pushed them away. The lost of friendship made me reflect on my own. There have been times when me or my best friend weren’t our best selves and yet we never held it against each other.

The fashion industry casting super rich skinny and beautiful women as the average woman is annoying. Things are starting to change because we make our voices heard.

Cue the feelgood finale, tears are shed, wisdom is delivered and broad realizations are made. The moral of the movie: if you believe it, you will make it happen, whether this is a positive or negative outlook.

“There is no magic. They are both me.” – I feel pretty

Did you see the movie? What were your thoughts?


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