What is lactose intolerance?

There is no cure for any kind of food intolerance. What is lactose intolerance? Well, if your bodies don’t have the lactase enzyme, you will be incapable of absorbing the sugar, which leads to those dreaded symptoms. Since there’s no real cure for a person affected by lactose, the only thing they can really do is eat lactose-free.

What’s the difference between dairy and lactose intolerance?

Just because you can’t drink milk, doesn’t mean that you are lactose intolerant. You could also be dairy intolerant. How do you tell the difference? Well, if you drink lactose-free milk and feel perfectly fine, perhaps your body defends itself against lactose. But if you drink milk and simply can’t get out of bed for a few hours, your problem could be dairy, in general.

Lactose IntolerancePeople can be lactose intolerant and yet have wildly different reactions to consuming dairy products. That’s me, thankfully! While some kids find themselves gassy or experiencing diarrhea, others may just have stomach cramps and are bloated.

How long does it take approximately for intolerance symptom show?

A person knows within minutes that they drank or ate something that they probably shouldn’t have. People always seem to be surprise when I pay the price for eating something I’m intolerant too so quickly. They believe I have to wait until my system as digested the food before the symptoms appear.

As someone who loves so many foods that contain lactose, adaptation is difficult, but I know in the end, it will be worth it and I will feel so much better.


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