Why swearing on the bible shouldn’t be the only choice

The news feeds have reported that Senenator Kyrsten Sinema took her Oath of Office swearing on a law-book instead of swearing on the Bible like tradition dictates.

There’s a easy answer to why swearing on the bible shouldn’t be the only choice. For individuals like me who aren’t christian, swearing on the bible is meaningless.

A few years ago, I was called to small court as a witness in case between my ex-boss and a contractor and the judge asked me to swear on the bible. I was honest and told her I would, but that it didn’t really mean anything since I didn’t believe in it. The judge said it was okay and made me swear on a law-book instead. I didn’t know that was an option at the time and was please to find out it was, but only if specifically asked for. The default go to is still the bible.

Personally, I think that religion shouldn’t be part of politics or justice. Anything that touches these subject should not be influence by belief.

What do you think about this? Would you prefer to swear on a bible or a law-book?


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