Hate Crimes

The common denominators in most cases of hate crimes, public shows of racism, violence against women and different sexual orientations, shared by all of these brats is that they are white, male and believe they are entitled to things they are not entitled to.

This is what happens when society keeps making excuses for white men who have limitless structural power. We need to stop excusing the actions of entitled white men and stop blaming the victims for what happened to them.

Judges who let criminals go with barely a slap on the hand need to lose their job.

Religion doesn’t help either, the bible is full of racism, sexism and classicism and it is a tome of bigotry. How could anyone could be surprised that it encourages bad behaviour? It’s been doing so all over the world for centuries.

We need to stand up and say clearly that there is no defence for this kind of behaviour, no more hate crimes.


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