Why are so many students homeless?

Most people don’t realize that many students are homeless. So why is this happening? Why are so many students homeless? Unfortunately, for a shocking number of students, the college and university experience means living in your car to avoid massive debt. By the time they pay for tuition and books it’s hard to come up with the money for housing. Because of this many students wonder if the stress they suffer now as a result was worth the education.

It is incredibly heartbreaking and blatantly wrong that students have to face homelessness in order to be able to afford an education and a future. This reality is a shame. I refuse to give up and believe that nothing, absolutely nothing, can be improved. This is just another reason why we need living wages. We, as a society, must put an end to stereotypes about people who are homeless.

What can you do if you see a homeless person this winter?

If you live in the Montreal area and come across an homeless person freezing in our cold winters, please contact the Mission Old Brewery at the numbers below and they will help that person.

Homeless Women: 514-526-6446 or Homeless Men: 514-798-2244

You can also give to charity all year long. If you don’t know what to donate, please read this article about what charities really need.


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