We need to save our nurses

Mandatory overtime, endless shifts, lack of staff and time to provide care. I heard a news anchor say that nurses should simply refuse to do the overtime. That’s easier said than done. There is incredible pressure and if you refuse, you can end up on the employer’s blacklist.

Nurses out of breath decry their working conditions and the danger for patients, while emergencies spill over several weeks across Quebec.

Why is nothing being done to save our nurses?

Every year it’s the same story. The influenza season is devastating and, as a result, hospitals are overwhelmed, but in many hospital emergencies, no measure has been put in place to better respond to this periodic upheaval. As a result, nurses are overwhelmed and exhausted and this leads to compromising the quality of patient care.

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We need to save our nurses

Between the sheer number of patients going through the hospital emergency care, the constant lack of staff and mandatory overtime at each shift, nurses are experiencing a real crisis. Despite the predictability of the congestion of recent weeks, nothing has been done to prevent the situation.

Because of this many care norms aren’t being met. This is becoming really dangerous for both nurses physical and mental health as well as the patients seeking help.

It looks like the administrator are waiting for the influenza season to end and the problem to go away by itself, only to go through this again next year. What will it take to end the crisis situation?


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