Why do we need sex education?

We need sex education to counter misinformation going around the internet and being said among friends. People often share misinformation as if they are in the know when they are really not. Your kids will learn about sex somewhere, why not make sure the source is giving correct information?

sex education - school - healthcare These kids grow up and become clueless adults.  There are people who actually think that if a woman has a menstrual calendar on her phone it’s because she is loose. The truth is that menstrual calendars help us track our period, our flow and symptoms, which help us with our health. Duh!

Some idiotic teenager and adult males actually think that women can choose not to have their menstruation. Trust me, if it was a choice, the vast majority of us wouldn’t have menstruation.

Too many men tend to think that the female reproductive system, revolves around them and their penises.

Ignorance is not bliss. Knowing some individuals are so clueless about how the women’s body works, is a scary thought. This is why we need sex education.


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