Do I really need vaccinations for travel outside of Canada?

March break is coming up faster than we think. Many of us will be travelling outside of Canada and that means it’s time to get ready. Most of us know what to pack, to keep your documents safe, but what about protecting your health? Do we really need to think about vaccination or is it all a racket?

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Do I really need vaccinations for travel outside of Canada?

The short answer is yes, you really need to think about vaccination. International travel can present serious health risks if you have not been appropriately immunized. We live in a global world, and diseases that were once on the way out in Canada are now popping up again.Recent Canadian measles outbreaks were brought into our country because of travel. This shows us that we need to keep our vaccines up to date until measles has been wiped out worldwide. That alone should be enough to make you run to a travel clinic. What is important to know is that some countries won’t let you in if you haven’t gotten the appropriate vaccination.

This is why you should always check what vaccinations requirements before travelling and consult a travel clinic several weeks prior to your departure. This will ensure that you are adequately protected and ready to travel.

Most of us do a little research on your destination to find the right hotel, the right touristic activities, to learn about tipping, we should also look at vaccination and how to avoid getting sick abroad. This will likely save you from any problems while travelling abroad.


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