Violence against women happens here too

The number of homicides of women in Canada has been relatively stable for the last 20 years. This might sound like good news, but other types of crime are decreasing. 

Why is violence against women still so high?

In 2018, the overwhelming majority of murdered women and girls were killed in a family context. That means that they were killed by people they cared for.

Violence - Domestic Violence
Violence against women happens here too

This violence directed towards women was manifested this year by a high number of matricides, that is to say of sons who killed their mother. A total of 15 victims were murdered by a relative, 8 of whom lived specifically in domestic violence.

What worries me is seeing young men and teenage boys on the internet who believe in the same sexist ideas as in the previous generations and sometimes their beliefs are even worst than their predecessors. This means that there isn’t really any hope that these types of crime will reduce in number anytime soon.

Meanwhile women’s shelters are overflowing.

“Women cannot be expected to speak out about the horrific crimes inflicted upon them unless the international community is ready to protect them.” – Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad

This is an issue that needs to be addressed. It’s time for these sexist ideals to become a thing of the past. Violence against women is a choice, every single time.



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