Flareups can cause an anxiety attack

The only thing that’s certain about fibromyalgia is that it’s unpredictable. When you have flareups of symptoms it can cause you to have an anxiety attack. It can make you feel like you are choking and shaking all over and every touch feels like you’ve been hit by a baseball bat.

What can cause flareups?

There are numerous things that can cause fibromyalgia flareups and sometimes it’s impossible to figure what happened. Here are the top 5 things that cause flareups:

  1. Menstrual periods;
  2. Change in temperature;
  3. Stress;
  4. Sickness, such as a cold;
  5. Activity.

Why does flareup cause anxiety attacks?

I personally get anxiety attacks because I fear the consequence of a flareup.

  • Will I lose my job because I’m taking another unscheduled day off?
  • How bad is this flareup going to be?
  • How long will this extra pain last?

I try to meditate and calm my breathing. I try to remind myself that this is something that is happening to me outside of my control and not something that I am responsible for.


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