What is the value of St-Valentine Day?

There is a lot of opinions when it comes to St-Valentine Day. A lot of people say that St-Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and dismiss it completely. I personally love St-Valentine’s Day, maybe because I don’t see it as a gift giving holiday, but a reminder to reserve time for romance. There lies the value of St-Valentine Day.

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In today’s busy world, it’s easy to fall into a daily routine and forget to woo our partner. Parenting, careers, adult responsibilities, all of these things can get in the way and create distance between two people who love each other. This is why there is still value in St-Valentine’s Day.

It is the reason why I believe that your engagement day and wedding day shouldn’t be on St-Valentine’s day. You may think it’s really romantic and that’s perfectly okay. Personally, I prefer having more than one day to celebrate my love with my husband.


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