Why religion shouldn’t be part of public education

In the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, there’s is currently a debate about sexual education in schools and about whether religion should or shouldn’t be part of public education.

Religious individuals, parents and priests sit on boards of parents of many public schools. Their goal is to spread their Catholic beliefs, including opposition to abortion, homosexuality and women’s equality.

Armed with their respective beliefs, all major religions seek to control the sexuality of their faithful. Catholic fundamentalists are now trying to control what some children will learn in Quebec and Ontario and we can’t let them win this one. We need to stand up and clearly say that in this country religion shouldn’t be part of public education.

Religion - Education

As far as I’m concerned, there is only one acceptable answer: no child or teenager will be denied sex education because of the religion of her or his parents, no matter which one.

Religion does not belong in schools. Even less in terms of sex education. Since the cancellation of sex education classes in the 2000s, kids have turned to porn to get the information they seek. Unfortunately, porn is violent and degrading for women. It teaches twisted ideas about sexuality to children and teenagers. It’s a disaster. We are ruining our children by keeping in the dark.

One of the problem with most religion is that it is a boy’s club. As long as women are excluded from the priesthood, Catholic dogmas will remain what they are: misogynistic and homophobic.

Considering that pedophile priests continue to rage around the world. The Church’s credibility with respect to human sexuality and equal rights is non existent.


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