Why do some people often cancel plans?

There are numerous reasons why people cancel plans. Your friend may be an introvert or have social anxiety issues. She or he could also be living with an invisible chronic illness. Therefore, if a friend cancels plans be patient, it may not be out of rudeness, but out of necessity.

Introvert - social anxiety - fibromyalgia
Why do some people cancel plans more often than others?

As an Introvert, I am always wishing for quality alone time to fill up my internal battery. Being home alone feels so thrilling! It feels like the world is mine and the opportunities are endless. It’s an open-ended, a blank slate kind of day.

As someone with social anxiety, it can be incredibly enervating and draining to be surrounded by people.

As someone diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, I struggle with low energy.  Sometimes the nature of the disease can unleash crises that prevent the development of their daily lives.


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