There’s no age to find happiness.

Another birthday and the numbers keep rising. Life goes by pretty quickly. The more I realize that there is no age to find happiness. It’s something we have to work at constantly by staying in the present and taking the time to appreciate all the positive things in our lives.

Part of ensuring your happiness is to stop comparing yourself to others. There is no surer way to rob your happiness than to look at someone else grass. Like the adage says it’s always greener next door. That’s because you don’t see what under that grass, all the difficulties and the scars. You only see your own.

I have learned along the way that the only thing that is important are those I share my journey with and this include every single one of you who liked or commented on my posts. Thank you all for being near and far in my life you are all important.

Please remember that there is no age to find happiness. No matter where you are on your journey, I hope that you will be able to find your happiness.


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