Do Canadians have a housing affordability issue?

In many regions of the world, there are more low-income households than available affordable housing. In Canada 1.7 million resident have housing affordability issues, yet Canada is considered to be among the more affordable places to live.

Vancouver and Toronto are two of the most expensive cities to live in and they are also the two area who have the most issues with housing fraud. Coincidence? I think not.

House - Housing - Affordability

60% of young Canadians across the country think the housing market is deteriorating and want the government to do something about it. I’m not young and I also agree that the housing market has deteriorated. It was so much easier for my parents to purchase their first home. I’m the only one out of all my friends who succeeded in owning a home, but we live paycheck to paycheck, which isn’t better. I fear that the dream of owning a house will be completely out of my kids’ reach.

This is why more and more people are dreaming of tiny houses, but the law still doesn’t allow for them in many regions.

Maybe we’ve taken this capitalism a bit too far and we should start taking care of our fellow human beings? We need to bring modern, affordable new homes to local people.


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