A person’s weight doesn’t change the value of her words.

A person’s weight doesn’t change the value of her words. There is no scenario where it is acceptable for a customer service representative to dismiss a client’s complain by laughing at her size. A Toronto company is now in trouble due to their employees doing exactly that.

The client ordered an item on the company website and changed her mind. She asked for the order to be cancelled by email, but didn’t received a confirmation. Instead, she was notified that it was not possible to cancel the purchase even if the item hadn’t been shipped yet. She informed the company of her dissatisfaction on their Facebook page and that’s when the customer service representative resorted to insults. The employee looked at her photo online and went on the attack on her looks, instead of keeping the exchange professional and addressing the actual complaint. It was followed by an official email requesting her to cease and desist. Under the law in Ontario, it is unlawful for an individual to make deliberate statements that instead to harm a corporation’s reputation, such as a complaint. The company threatened to bring her to court for monetary damages.

The company itself has irreparably damaged their reputation by not taking ownership of the customer service representative’s behaviour and failing to apologize publicly. Only once the newspapers and people online started reacting to the horrible way this company treated one of their customers did they admit that their support service was outsourced in India and they were trying to put an end to their service agreement with them.

A company’s reputation is based on it’s customer service. Regular audits need to be done. Employees who disrespect customers need to be immediately dealt with and the company needs to take ownership of the mistake. Otherwise, the issue will only grow and their reputation will only get worse. 


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