When you have to go, you have to go

When you have to go, you have to go. It doesn’t matter what age, gender or sexual orientation. We all need to go to the bathroom.

Since June 2016, transgender children can officially change their sex. Since the law was amended, young people aged 14 and over can apply to the Registrar for an official sex change. For the youngest, it is the parents who must complete the application, all must be accompanied by a letter from specialists.

Transgender children do not have enough resources, not enough help. These young people need to be listened to, understood and accompanied, because in society they are still very marginalized. Studies are worrisome, nearly half of transgender children have suicidal thoughts.

Too many people do not understand that it’s not a choice.

People mix identity with sexual orientation. You can be a boy and still have a boyfriend because yes, transsexual can be homosexual. 

It is at the Montreal Metropolitan Surgery Centre that all sexual reassignment surgeries of transgender patients from across the country are performed. These surgeries are covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan.

“Trans surgeries are reconstructive, not cosmetic. The same way a mastectomy + implants for breast cancer patient is reconstructive. It’s not to look better, it’s to cure something. Wild that some people still don’t understand that and fight against insurances covering them.” – @TheJakobRose

Letting transsexual choose their preferred public bathroom as you will not hurt you. Despite all the hype about bathroom laws in certain, we’ve yet to hear of one case of a transgender person harassing anybody. When you have to go, you have to go.


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