The healing power of animals

The healing power of animals is well known. Mental health hospitals have animal therapy for their patients. Emotional support animals are used to help individuals who can’t do without.

Now, imagine yourself in a quite few years, having to leave everything, your house, most of your acquired goods and entering retirement homes or nursing homes. This transition is a traumatic episode of life. Having to leave behind a pet without even knowing what lies ahead is heartbreaking.

Pets - Health - Retirement HomesWhy  leave you pet behind?

Because most of retirement homes or nursing homes, for financial or hygienic reasons, refuse that these faithful companions follow their master in their last residence. As a result, leaving their home, our elders must also say goodbye to their four-legged friend. Sometimes their pets are the only confidant they had left. They no longer have access to the healing power of animals at a time in life that need it more than ever.

As a person who lives with 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 rat and 1 turtle, I can’t imagine living the end of my days without pets. Our own government has declared owning 1 pet, especially for the elderly, is a necessity of life. Shouldn’t that rule follow through within retirement homes or nursing homes?

What is the effect of pets on humans?

Pets help humans by giving them social attention, creating interpersonal interactions, and improving our mood.


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