Why are people worried about tattoos?

It fascinates me that some people are still worried about tattoos and what it means to have them. I would think that there are enough of us out there now a days to normalize them.

I personally have multiple tattoo and people are often curious at how I came to the decision of having a tattoos.

Many seem worried about growing old with tattoos. I tell them that I will love every single one of my tattoos regardless of my age. Each tattoo is linked to a special and happy memory.

If you are wondering if tattoos are worth it…

Most people don’t have any issues with getting tattoos. You may want to make sure that you aren’t allergic to the ink.

I love my tattoos and have never regretted getting them. The only piece of advise I would give is to think carefully about the tattoo you want. Do not get anyone’s name tattooed unless it your children and grandchildren’s names.


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