Dorwin Falls Park

I love nature. I love discovering new corners of my world. Whenever I find a park that has a waterfall, I’m in heaven. Thankfully there is no need to travel far away from Montreal to see waterfalls that are worth the trip. Located approximately 1 hour drive from Montreal, Dorwin Falls Park, situated in Rawdon, offers breathtaking scenery. It features beautiful falls surrounded by the a lush forest. The site therefore offers lookouts to admire the view.

It is important to mention that it is strictly forbidden to swim there because of the danger. We can admire the water, but we do not venture there or we may never come out. 

You are going to tell me, why are you talking about Dorwin Falls Park when it’s still winter out there. Well, in winter, the show is even more spectacular with the flow of water through the snow and ice. So if you are looking to do something amazing next weekend. This is a great idea. 


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