It’s time to change the narrative

Every time I see a news report or read an article online about a crime against a human being, it’s always about what the victim did or didn’t do. It’s time to change the narrative.

When a violent crime occurs or is alleged to have occurred, no one asks what the accused was doing out alone late at night. It’s always about what the victim or alleged victim was doing. This is what rape culture is all about.

It’s always about the victim and it’s time to change the narrative.

What is meant by blaming the victim?

What is the point of people blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator. I know that part of the issue is fear. By blaming the victim, we reassure ourselves that it couldn’t happen to us. We wouldn’t make the same mistakes. The truth is that crime can happen to anyone. If it happened to you or a loved one, would you like to see everyone pointing fingers or being supportive?


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