Talking about religion

Talking about religion rarely goes well.

One thing I have realized as someone without a religion, but who has study many of them, is that people I meet who want to discuss their religion with me often don’t want me to discuss your religion with them.

Most people are happy to talk about their religion as long as everyone agrees with them. Many feel it’s better to stay away from disagreements about faith so they shut down and walk away at the first sign of lack of consensus.

One of the problem is that most people who came to religious beliefs over scientific fact didn’t necessarily come to these convictions by way of reasoned debate and logical analysis. So when confronted with these they are unprepared. Beliefs can be inherited or intuited or embraced as a matter of faith.

What should people do when they disagree about religion?

Instead of revealing commonality, talking about religion may create a sense of distance. In order to avoid this, try to understand and agree to disagree.


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