The rights of men are sacred

The rights of men are sacred, but for those of the other half of humanity, we still have to negotiate, and there isn’t a places on earth where the phallocentric idiots don’t close the ranks and attempt to keep control over women’s bodies.

This pathological obsession with the control of women’s bodies, but especially their reproductive system, resembles a historical curse that some idiotic minds find difficult to overcome.

The first scientists to study the female reproductive system were overwhelmingly male, no surprise there, and their biased view of female sexuality left a lot of bullshit in medical books. By wishing to appropriate the female genital in its own way, the phallocentric scientists have also left traces that defy time.

You think it’s only elsewhere that the right of men is sacred? Think again.

Can you give me a single law in Canada that gives the government the power to make decisions about the body of a man? Of course not. This striking question deserves to be put to uterine appropriation proponents who unfortunately still abound on the planet.

It is not for me or anyone else to judge what another woman does for her reproductive health.


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