Fear to be alone

Many deal with the fear to be alone. Be assured that it’s never too late to find love. I found it in my late 30s with a teenager under my care. He also had children from a previous relationship. No one’s journey is the same.

Please don’t make the mistake of prioritizing being in a relationship over the quality of that relationship and potential partner. Please don’t settle for anyone who won’t respect you and isn’t ready to support you when necessary.

Those who fear being alone are more likely to stick with a dissatisfying relationship. The truth is that being in a bad relationship can make sure more depressed and lonely than being single.

Also, please don’t make the mistake of having children because you don’t want to loose your spouse. Children are a lot of work and they are you priority of life. If you didn’t want children, you will end up resenting you spouse and hating your life. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


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