I am sometimes 100% guilty of this

In the blogging  business, I see many writers rush to write stories that are new and popular to get part of the initial viral follow that is sure to come. I always react so much slower to subject feeling uncomfortable to write about upcoming stories. I didn’t know why at first and then recently it dawn on me. We are human and I am 100% guilty of reacting emotionally too quickly to certain story when they come out. Too many of these stories hit all the wrong nerves and a purely emotional reaction come out of me.

The problem is that too often these stories are missing important information and when it finally comes out, it’s a harsh reminder of the kind of society we live in right now. Like it or not, the responsibility to fact check and be level headed now lies completely on the shoulders of the audience.

We all unfortunately fail to do so some times. I believe it’s really easy for all of us to be 100% guilty of reacting too quickly.


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