I need your support, not your judgment

People who suffer from a incurable chronic illness need your support, not your judgment.

Doctors say that I will never improve or go into remission because I have an incurable disease. I will not give up, but I want to make others aware of it.

I struggle with pain, mobility problems and fatigue every day. A nap will not help, I’m not lazy, I take real medicine. Online ‘cures’ also don’t work.

The most frustrating part is that people look at me and say, “It can not be so bad, you look good” despite the fact that my body suffers from unbearable pain everywhere. Most people don’t understand that you cannot see pain.

I apologize if I do not go to events I would like to attend, one day you will understand my daily struggles. This disease affects me physically, mentally and emotionally.

I need your support, not your judgment or you pity. I need you to listen and not try to fix me.


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