Why spreading chain messages/emails is dangerous

Do you know that spreading chain messages/emails is dangerous? With technology comes some basic rules you should know and respect. In this case you could almost call it etiquette.

Without wishing to offend anyone, I ask again not to send me through my messenger or my email, images or text asking me to forward it to others. I never respond to these chain emails. If you are on my friend list, I consider you a friend. I will not copy and paste any cute text or images just to prove I pay attention to you. You are in my heart, not in cheap and easy messages written by a stranger.

Many of these messages bring viruses that can destroy software and clone your data. By spreading these, you not only put the people you care about at risk, you may just give to malicious people the opportunity to know the list of your contacts. I would rather you do not make me run this risk unnecessarily.

Thank you for your understanding! Thank you for understanding that spreading chain messages/emails is dangerous.


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  1. I used to get these regular when I used to use Facebook. But did these couple of friends pay attention to what I was saying? No. They didn’t. So in the end, with this and how I was feeling about Facebook, I closed the account. No but piece and quiet since.
    Thankfully, I have not had this issue with emails.

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