You don’t have to be an internet troll

You don’t have to be an internet troll. It’s a shame to resort to profanity every time you disagree with something you read online. It demonstrates a lack of tolerance and education.

We can have a discussion without insulting or threatening one another. We can agree to disagree. The world would be an incredibly boring place if we were all the same.

You defend freedom of speech, but you attack mine without restraint.

Don’t be a troll. Be someone you would be proud of.

This is why I will never descend to that level of vulgarity. I will always respond quickly, gracefully, and respectfully.

If you are dealing with internet trolls understand that if you respond to a troll with equal malice, you’ll only be damaging your own image and reputation. I know that certain message can be quite hurtful and some incredibly scary. Internet trolls are like little kids having a tantrum. They are just trying to get attention from you, even if it’s negative.


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