Raising my kids without religion

I know that this is not a decision that is popular with everyone, but I am raising my kids without religion. As adults should they choose to join a religion, they will do so by following their own decisions and beliefs. I won’t be the one who influence them in that sense.

Rasing my children without religionI am teaching them real-world concerns about injustice and inequality. We are raising our kids according to our moral code. We give them lessons are about being open to others rather than closed off. We teach them the value of intervening when they see kids bullied on the playground and to always questioning the world around them. We teach them to respect the earth by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Our kids make us proud by taking their own actions to confront injustice where they see it. I know that they are growing up to be good people.

As a kid, I was raised in the christian religion. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to marry if I didn’t stick with it. I later learned that it’s a lie and that there is no guarantee that you will meet and fall in love with someone who is in the same religion as you. I ended up marrying in a very geeky civil wedding that truly represented us.

I visited the Vatican museum and I felt very uncomfortable with all of the art that was placed on display. Pieces we know were stolen.


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