Was Rene Angelil a pedophile?

Was a Rene Angelil a pedophile? I know that he passed away, but since his death I have seen Celine Dion’s progress and it is clear that she was groomed from childhood and is now completely lost. Recovery takes time.

Every time I hear people call their relationship a “grand romance”, it makes me sick. Celine Dion was 12 years old when 38 year old Rene Angelil became her manager. I don’t care that they went public with their relationship when she was 19. He said when she was 12 that he was interested and would wait till she’s older. All that time with her, he was grooming her. He was making sure, he was the only choice.

Our justice system needs revamping. Laws need to protect our children from predators.


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  1. I totally agree I can’t believe how people put this relationship on a pedestal He robbed her of her teen years and young adult life disgusting

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