Do we have a problem with women and girls in Canada?

The number of homicides of women in Canada has been relatively stable for the last 20 years. This might sound like good news, but other types of crime are decreasing every year, but not feminicide. A woman or girl was killed every 2.5 days on average in Canada in 2018, according to an inaugural report on femicide. It seems pretty obvious that we do have a problem with the way that women and girls in Canada are viewed and treated.

Stranger Danger?

The report show that women and girls are most often killed by people they know. In contrast to men and boys who are most often killed by acquaintances and strangers. Most women are killed after leaving or declaring that they’re going to leave a partner. Women are seen as things that is owned, not as human beings.

Rural & Indigenous reserves

The report indicates Indigenous women represent only about five per cent of the population, but made up 36 per cent of the women and girls killed by violence. Yet, rarely here about this issue in the news. The only places I see it are in the Indigenous communities I follow online. One of the issue is racism. The other is lack of resources for domestic violence victims.

34% of the women and girls were killed in rural areas, where only 16 per cent of the population lives. It’s also where the most cases of hate crime are recorded. Part of the issue is that funding for sexual assault centres and women’s shelters is often distributed on a per population concentration, which places women and girls in rural areas in more danger. They have to go much further to get help. If you don’t have a way to travel that far, you’re stuck.

Misplaced Anger

The worst part of this is that the report was met by a bunch of angry men who whined about the government not caring about murdered men and the usual “not all men” argument. It saddens me to see that some people would get angry that we are trying to reduce the murder of women by people they know in our country.


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