Nothing justifies rape

Nothing justifies rape. The Irish court has acquitted a 27-year-old man accused of raping a 17-year-old girl after her lawyer convinced the jury that the latter also had responsibilities in her own assault because she was wearing a thong that day . First of all, in order to find out that she had a thong the assault had already gone to far. Second of all, she’s a minor and he’s an adult. She therefore cannot consent and he is automatically a rapist. Third of all, clothing does not justifies rape. This acquittal is disgusting and horrifying. Once again, we are blaming the victim instead of punishing the criminal.

Nothing justifies rape. A naked person, regardless of the context, has no more reasons to be a victim of sexual assault than a person dressed from head to toe.

With or without clothing, regardless of body position, location, and type of relationship, nothing justifies rape. Even if she was willing a few minutes earlier.

A consent, it gives itself and it withdraws. Nothing should be taken for granted.

Everyone has a meaningful role to play in promoting gender equality and the right of all women & children to lead healthy lives free of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.


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  1. This is so true. It’s so sick, that the person who raped has got away. Justice system disgusting and are bad as the rapist.

      1. It’s not the first time I remember the Irish justice system letting someone down and if I remember right, it was your blog that highlighted it before. I don’t get why they are like that, or any court justice system.

      2. Yes, I wrote about that one. He got away with it because she was wearing a thong. I’m sorry but she was also wearing pants so he was already attacking her prior to underwear becoming part of the story. Plus I’m a firm believer that clothing or lack thereof as nothing to do with rape.

      3. I thought there was another I read. I totally agree, clothing, or lack of, doesn’t give the right for someone to rape that person.

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