We can’t deny the existence of toxic masculinity anymore

As individuals and as a society, we must really stop to deny the existence of toxic masculinity. The data on women being killed by their fathers, spouse, sons and strangers they have dared to turn down is way too high. The examples of heterosexual white men who paint themselves has victims because they can’t oppress others anymore without people complaining are too numerous.

Toxic masculinity is an immense social problem. The action of most online trolls derive directly from the fact that heterosexual white men are legitimate in their acts of violence because of the privileges conferred upon them. On top of feeling secure behind the anonymity of the computer screen, they feel justified in their hatred of all things women, minorities and sexual orientation.

Whether we speak of virtual, physical, sexual or verbal violence, one thing in common remains: the aggressors are excused and their actions are trivialized. The blame usually comes back to the victims, who are discredited and denigrated. This unhealthy response to toxic masculinity only encourages it to propagate.  

Boys are educated with toxic ideas that make them assume that everything is theirs, that they have rights over others, that they can be more aggressive and violent than others.

Girls are educated with toxic ideas that make them believe they have to take the violence, turn the other cheek, and not complain. Most romance movies are toxic and unhealthy examples of relationships.

To be true allies, we must begin not to get out of the head of the sand and admit not only that toxic masculinity exists, but to notice our own privileges. Once that is done, we must speak up against toxic masculinity. The problem is not to be in a situation of privilege, but to continue to deny it by propagating all these patriarchal ideas.


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