Chronic illnesses affect productivity

Chronic illnesses affect productivity. We find ourselves constantly frustrated by trying to live in a ‘healthy person’s’ world, knowing that we are not functioning on the same level as everyone around us. The fact that we remember how much we used to be able to achieve in a day, doesn’t help. Dealing with multiple chronic illnesses that make it physically and mentally difficult to get through each day.

“A daily reminder for all the chronically ill and disabled folks out there: Capitalism is a cruel and brutal system that is especially punishing for us. You always were and always will be worth more than your productivity. Please be kind to yourself.” – Mallory @_brown_recluse_

Helping employees manage chronic illnesses remains one of the most viable strategies for reducing employers’ healthcare and disability costs. This is why, workplace policies and/or programs that address the needs of employees affected by chronic conditions are beneficial to employees and employers alike. Employees with supportive workplaces and better quality jobs have greater job satisfaction and greater loyalty and commitment to the organization’s success.

I have always been the reliable one both in my private and professional life. I take pride in my work and go the extra mile to make sure all is done and everyone gets what they want. I’m not a pushover, but I never say: “This isn’t my problem.” What happens when that person gets a chronic illness? What happens when each day becomes a struggle? What happens when she starts having to take more time off for medical appointments, tests and sick days. What happens when this person is no longer able to physically make it to the office 5 days a week?

It’s important for both employer and employee to work together through this adaptation. It important for both the employer and the employee to understand that for someone with a chronic illness, pushing through the pain only makes it worse. It’s also important to understand that there is no cure. This human being is doing their best under the circumstances.

Forcing someone with a chronic illness to do more work and make it at the office every day, will only make her even sicker. Instead of managing her illness to offer her employer the best productivity, she is forced to run a marathon, that will send her to the hospital. Then what?


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