Are they kidding me?

I went to the pharmacy to renew my pain medication. This time, the pharmacist handed me a piece of paper from the Canadian federal government warning about the use of opioids. I started reading it and thought somebody must be kidding me.

The possible side effects stated are:

  • Mental Illness such as depression. I was already dealing with depression and taking medication for it prior to starting the pain pills.
  • Risk of dizziness and falls. I have Graves’ disease and Fibromyalgia. Both illnesses causes dizziness spells and falls.
  • Heart Palpitations. I have Graves’ disease. That’s when your thyroid goes nuts and attacks your heart causing heart palpitations.
  • Headaches. I already suffer and take medication for migraines.
  • Sleep apnea. I already have sleep apnea. I was diagnosed prior to taking this medication.

Then I started to read the sign of an opioid overdose.

  • Confusion. Do you mean like Fibromyalgia fog? Because I already have that, prior to taking the medication.
  • Difficulty walking. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that’s already a symptom I deal with prior to taking this medication. I even own my own wheelchair.
  • Trouble breathing. I am asthmatic.
  • Exhaustion. Anyone dealing with a mental or physical chronic illness is already familiar with this one.

Yep, that warning from the government about taking a medication that can cause the symptoms I’ve already been living with for years is incredibly useful. You are pretty much telling me that if I have an adverse effect from taking opioids I won’t notice a difference from my regular life. Someone must be kidding me.


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  1. I would also be thinking the same, along with, the doctor knows my other condition and so why put me on something that could possibly aggrivated what I already have. 🙁

    1. You’re absolutely right. They are there to help. Sometimes it doesn’t work, which is why you need to be honest with her/him. So far it is helping and I’m happy for the slight improvement. I’ll take it over nothing.

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